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Cain: 'My church is still in the 'hood'

Contrasting his black experience with that of President Obama, Republican presidential contender Herman Cain said Wednesday that, after growing up in the racially segregated South, he's still connected with the trials and travails of the black community — a connection symbolized by the fact that "my church is still in the 'hood."

Poll: Cain, Romney tied in Va.

Businessman Herman Cain is gaining ground with Virginia voters, tying former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the lead among GOP presidential contenders in a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday.

Perry attack ad hits 'Romneycare'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry kicked off Columbus Day on Monday with a sharply critical new Web video that lights into presidential rival Mitt Romney's support of a universal health care law in Massachusetts, suggesting it is evidence that the former governor's attempts to cast himself as a successful conservative businessman ring hollow.

GOP refocused on Obama health care

After weeks of little action by Republicans who want to repeal parts or all of President Obama's health care overhaul, lawmakers ramped up efforts this week that are unlikely to get very far but draw attention back to their complaints about the law.

Romney dings Perry's jobs 'plan'

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is poking fun at rival Rick Perry's yet-to-be seen jobs plan, releasing a mock version Thursday that's filled with some stiff criticism from pundits, hundreds of blank pages and a picture of the Texas governor wearing a grin as he points a pistol toward the smoke-filled sky.