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Obama urges action after positive jobs report

President Obama called on Congress Friday to extend unemployment benefits, create a loan fund for construction jobs and extend payroll tax credits, saying it was time to build on the momentum on better-than-expected employment numbers released earlier in the day.

Poll: Voters say throw out entire Congress

Despite Congress finally agreeing this week on a hard-fought compromise to raise the nation's debt ceiling, most voters still lack confidence in national lawmakers and want to replace them all, a new polls shows.

A hamburger today for $2.4 trillion tomorrow

President Obama took his debt team out for burgers at Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, giving new meaning to the "Popeye" character Wimpy's catchphrase "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today."

Vote and go home

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid held out the ultimate carrot to colleagues Monday: approve the debt deal and you get to go home for a month-long vacation.

Obama approval plummets

With no end in sight to the impasse over the debt ceiling as the clock ticks down to Tuesday, President Obama registered his lowest approval rating ever as measured by Gallup's daily tracking poll, hitting 40 percent this week.