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Tea partyers divide over strategy

The co-founders of one of the largest tea party groups in the nation dismissed a recent claim from a former leader of the group that members of the grass-roots movement will rally behind whoever wins the Republican nomination — "even if that person is former Gov. Mitt Romney."

Reid won't back Weiner

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid distanced himself from embattled fellow Democratic Rep. Anthony D. Weiner on Tuesday, saying he couldn't defend the New Yorker but stopped short of asking him to resign.

Paul email hits Romney on gun, abortion stances

That didn't take long. Right around the time former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was officially announcing his second bid for the White House, Texas Rep. Ron Paul's 2012 camp blasted out an email outlining what they see as Romney's shortcomings.

Boehner: Time is running out on debt limit talks

House Speaker John A. Boehner on Thursday accused the Obama administration of dragging its feet regarding ongoing deficit reduction talks with congressional leaders, saying the nation's economy could suffer unless a deal is struck soon.