The Washington Times - July 31, 2008, 08:35PM

Gov. Martin O’Malley responded today to whether he knew about spying by state police when he was mayor of Baltimore with something of a double-answer today. When WBAL reporter Rob Lang asked O’Malley whether city police — who knew at the time about the state police spying — alerted him to the infiltration, he sputtered slightly:

“No. Mmmm, or they might have.”

Here’s the video courtesy of WBAL-TV. It’s about 30 seconds in, Flashplayer reqd.

The story rests somewhat on the classic who-knew-what-when line of questioning.

O’Malley never quite explained whether he knew the spying was going on at the time, though he continued his assertion that Baltimore police were not involved.

The spying by state police on groups opposed to the death penalty and the War in Iraq has sparked numerous calls for investigations of the state police – from Congressmen, to state lawmakers.

Less explored has been any involvement by Baltimore Police during O’Malley’s tenure as mayor.

Here’s my write-up on the matter from today’s paper. 


Tom LoBianco, Maryland politics reporter, The Washington Times