The Washington Times - February 28, 2008, 06:49PM
Gov. Tim Kaine David B. Albo SEE RELATED:

warned Kaine’s administration off-guard not surprised at all
“Whether you agree or disagree with the FTA, the bottom line is that they have the $900 Million we need for the project and unless we satisfy them, we don’t get the $900 Million and the rail will not be constructed … Unless someone does something different and does something fast, to quote the FTA itself, ‘the reasonably likelihood’ that the rail will be funded is slim to none. \ \ \ “So what am I trying to do about it? I am trying to get VDOT off the dime and address FTA’s concerns, and address them fast. I am doing this by trying to pass an amendment to the Budget which commands VDOT to address FTA’s concerns and to stop filing the same plan over and over again.”\
— Seth McLaughlin, Virginia politics reporter, The Washington Times