The Washington Times - January 15, 2008, 04:38PM
Lionell Spruill Sr.

\ It bars the “display on and equipping of motor vehicles with objects of devices representing or resembling human genitalia.”\


\ “No person shall display upon or equip any motor vehicle with any object or device that depicts, represents or resembles human genitalia, regardless of size or scale.”\

\ Minutes ago, I sat down with Spruill inside his legislative office to ask him about the measure.\

\ He had pictures printed out from various Web sites and a section of Virginia law that explained the offense would carry a fine of up to $250.\

\ The proposal, he said, came to fruition last Friday after a “gentleman” from his district called him and explained he, his wife and his daughter had pulled their car up behind a truck featuring one of the before mentioned displays hanging from a trailer hitch.\

\ “So, I laughed,” Spruill said. “After I laughed he said, ‘Do you have kids?’ I said, ‘Yes I do. They are grown.’ “\

\ “Then he said, ‘Do you have grandkids?’ And I said, ‘Yes I do,’ ” Spruill recalled.\

\ That’s when it hit him.\

\ “My granddaughter is 5 going on 25,” he said. “That made it serious to me.”\

\ Spruill called the display “gross” and said that “we got to stop it in Virginia.”\

\ His strategy to get it passed is simple. He plans to ask lawmakers the same question the “gentleman” from Chesapeake asked him when they eventually consider the bill.\

\ “Do they want their kids to see that?”\

\ — Seth McLaughlin, Virginia politics reporter, The Washington Times