The Washington Times - March 21, 2008, 09:40AM
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Gov. Jim Gilmore jumped into the race maverick tendencies running for state party chairman
Jeff and Scott,\ \ YOU two ARE LISTED as a SUPPORTERS of Jim Gilmore in this Gilmore email to Prince WIlliam Republicans.\ \ You are Publically endorsing Jim GIlmore who supports LEGAL Abortion for 8 weeks, 700,000 abortions to fellow PRince WIlliam Republicans.\ \ Why did you omit this fact which is important to Prince WIlliam REpublicans who OPPOSE legal abortion when you urged Prince WIlliam Republicans to support Jim GIlmore? Why the lack of candor?\ \ Jim GIlmore also told Human Events he wanted situations of extremes (unspecified) for legal abortion.\ \ He told a major Republican donor and former supporter THIS YEAR he wanted rape and incest abortions legal, and also health abortions to be legal.\ \ Is their any legal abortion left Jim Gilmore won’t support?\ \ — Bob Marshall\
— Seth McLaughlin, Virginia politics reporter, The Washington Times