The Washington Times - April 18, 2007, 02:00PM
Hi everyone and welcome to our second live chat of the regular season. It’s been an interesting week, what with the Nats turning things around to win three of four, playing well against the Mets and Braves and then honoring the fallen in Blacksburg by wearing Virginia Tech hats last night. Very nice tribute, the brainchild of devoted Nats fan (and message board poster/moderator) Dave Lanham. Jason Bergmann vs. Adam Eaton tonight at RFK, with fourth place in the NL East on the line against the struggling Phillies. Let’s get to your questions, and remember, to submit your own, either e-mail me at, or just click on the submit link at the top of the page… SEE RELATED:

From Jeffrey Saffelle in Alexandria: Ronnie Belliard Manny Acta Cristian Guzman Mark Zuckerman: From Ryan in NW Washington: Mark Zuckerman: From Maggie in Springfield: Mark Zuckerman: From Brian in Alexandria: Mark Zuckerman: From Robert in Springfield: OF Michael Restovich Mark Zuckerman: Jesus Flores From Section 409 in Alexandria: Mark Zuckerman: From 41 Games in Stafford, VA: Mark Zuckerman: From Miss Chatter in Falls Church: Mark Zuckerman: From Bob in Washington: Mark Zuckerman: Well, that’s going to do it for this week. Thanks to everyone who sent questions in. Please make sure to come back next Wednesday at 2 p.m. for the next installment. Remember: We’re going to do these things regularly all season (with only a few exceptions when there are conflicts), so set your watches to it. Thanks again, enjoy the game tonight!