The Washington Times - February 20, 2007, 01:45PM
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From Jamie Maclaggan in NB, Canada: Mark Zuckerman: From: thunderstrucknatsfan in Temple Hills, MD: Mark Zuckerman: From Rachel in Fairfax, VA: Mark Zuckerman: From John IV in New Carrollton, MD: Mark Zuckerman: Cristian Guzman From Kevin in Fairfax, VA: Ronnie Belliard Dmitri Young Travis Lee Mark Zuckerman: Larry Broadway From Brian in Alexandria, VA: Mark Zuckerman: From Nats Fan in Fairfax, VA: Mark Zuckerman: From Jim Taylor in Beaufort, SC: Mark Zuckerman: From Joseph Ward of Washington, DC: Mark Zuckerman: From Brian in MD: Ryan Church Mark Zuckerman: From Jeffrey Saffelle in Alexandria, VA: Mark Zuckerman: From Barry Prophet in D.C.: Mark Zuckerman: Washington Folks, we’re going to have to wrap things up now. We’re about to get an update on Cristian Guzman’s MRI from team doctor Ben Shaffer, so I have to get running. Thanks to everyone who sent questions in, and sorry to those who I wasn’t able to get around to. I’ll try to save those for future Nats Mailbags and answer them in due time. Thanks again!