The Washington Times - September 7, 2007, 06:34PM

\ Maybe that’s because I watched the collapsing Redskins whip the NFC Championship Game-bound Saints last December in New Orleans and play a poor second half in that title game in Chicago. Maybe because I believe that everything went magically right for the Saints last year after going so wrong in 2005.\

\ But most critically, that’s because I still believe that it’s near-impossible to win a Super Bowl without a defense. Will Smith and Charles Grant are a dynamic pair of ends, but who else does New Orleans have on that side of the ball? Their linebackers are all castoffs. I’ve never been a fan of Mike McKenzie and the other cornerback, Jason David, made me embarassed to share that name last night.\


\ The Saints will probably win the NFC South again because inconsistent Carolina is their only serious competition. However, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas and Philadelphia all have better defenses and in my eyes, better chances of representing the NFC in Arizona in February.\

\ — David Elfin