The Washington Times - January 29, 2008, 07:36PM
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\ Well, Smoot’s back with the Redskins and London Fletcher needed to be added in place of Pierce after two seasons of Lemar Marshall.\

\ Pierce has become one of the Giants’ faces and as the picture shows, he wore impressive sunglasses during Media Day.\

\ Among some of his better comments this week:\

\ * On the underdog role: “That’s where everybody put us so we definitely like it. That’s how it’s been since Day One. It didn’t just because of Super Bowl Week. It’s a label we’ve accepted.”\

\ * On the Giants’ 10 straight road wins: “It’s a tough situation being on the road and we’ve dealt with all kinds of elements, from traveling to London to the heat of Tampa Bay to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. It’s been a fun ride and we want to continue that streak.”\

\ * On if it’s easier to play for Tom Coughlin this year: “It’s not easier to play but it makes you fight harder for that guy. It makes you understand what he really wants and what he’s really about. When somebody’s yelling at you and you don’t understand them as a person, you take everything they say to heart and you take it personally. When you understand them and the reason why they’re doing it, it makes it a little bit easier to work for him.”