The Washington Times - July 5, 2008, 02:53PM

Something strange has been going on this week at Congressional Country Club. People have sworn they’ve seen Tiger Woods. Woods is supposedly recuperating from reconstructive knee surgery at home in Florida, but one security official said he spotted El Tigre last Sunday night at a fireworks show on the course. Another said he had heard a story from Congressional president Brett Hart that Tiger had dined in the clubhouse restaurant Wednesday night. Rumors even circulated that they had seen the absent tournament host jogging around the course during the evening, bad knee and all.


Clubhouse officials were baffled.


“I haven’t seen him, and I have been here all week,” clubhouse security guard Aaron Moore said. “There’s a guy that looks a lot like him though.”


A police official standing nearby confirmed the report.


“It’s Arthur Brown,” said the police officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “They are seeing Arthur Brown.”


Brown, it turns out, serves as director of operations for the Tiger Woods Foundation and has been on the course all week.


Saturday morning, Brown was busy escorting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice around Old Blue in a black Nike Tiger Woods hat, white shirt and gray slacks.


“Wow! Is that his twin?” said Hayden Ramsey, 18, of Silver Spring upon spotting Brown on the second fairway.


Added Dean Rose, who brought his family from Frederick to watch Freddy Couples:


“The way he’s standing — it’s like he’s Tiger’s stand-in.”


Brown declined comment when asked about his look-alike.


He did, however, confirm that he had jogged around the course during the week.

Mystery solved.