The Washington Times - February 10, 2008, 02:32PM
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\ Butler is nursing a strained left hip flexor and has missed five games in the last two weeks. Daniels is sidelined with bone spurs in his right ankle and was limited to six minutes in Friday’s loss in Denver.\

\ Butler, who Jordan said is getting better, did some work early in the session but was dismissed before the session was completed. Daniels sat and watched, wearing flipflops.\

\ Jordan still hopes Butler will return to action at some point during the road trip, but said the Wizards will just have to play it by ear. He actually expects Butler to get back onto the court before Daniels.\

\ “Caron is probably ahead of Antonio,” Jordan said. “Whether its a day, two days or a half a day, he seems to be ahead of Antonio. But anything can happen overnight. A.D., he’s a tough guy. He likes to try it when it’s painful, but what we don’t want him to do is try it when it’s injured.”“\

\ Butler and Daniels are the third starter from this season to miss time. All-Star point guard Gilbert Arenas has missed all but eight games after having knee surgery in November.\

\ Arenas, who is on this trip with the Wizards, plans to begin practicing with the team after this week’s All-Star break. Jordan said the Wizards’ medical team is being very cautious with Arenas. He has done a lot of work on the trainers’ table and in the weight room, and that he’s done some stand-still shooting, but hasn’t done any running on the court.\

\ “We’re still thinking an in general area of March 1st as a loose sort of date,” Jordan said. “We’ll see where he is and get a really good feel for it, but that’s all I really know.”\

\ — Mike Jones