The Washington Times - April 14, 2009, 07:09PM

     The Associated Press reported earlier today that Flip Saunders and the Wizards have reached an agreement to become the Wizards head coach.

     Not exactly earth-shattering news since everybody from me, to the Post to ESPN and Yahoo have been reporting since Sunday that this was going to happen. But this is yet another confirmation this is happening. The Wizards continue to maintain that there is no firm agreement in place, and that nothing is a done deal until the contract is actually signed, but it’s all a matter of terminology, I’m guessing. That and their desire to wait until Ed Tapscott has completed the season as interim head coach before officially announcing the hire.


     Sam Cassell, according to Michael Lee at the Post, will be one of Saunders’ assistants.

     That’s just fine with Caron Butler, who broke out into a laugh on Monday night when the Cassell news was brought to his attention.

     “That’d be nice because Sam is a dude who understands the game. He and I went to the same prep school (Maine Central Institute), so we have a great relationship, and I see him at Berry Farms. You know, Sam’s great. He’s real funny. He’d be good for the locker room”

     As far as other assistants, Juan Dixon, who played for Saunders briefly at Detroit last year, said he thinks Saunders would be good for the Wizards and said although Saunders’ specialty is offense, he knows he’ll have the defense taken care of and will bring on a strong defensive assistant as well.

     According to Comcast’s Chris Miller, Randy Wittman is also on board as one of Saunders’ assistants. Wittman, who followed Saunders for a brief stint as Minnesota’s head coach, is known as a defensive-minded coach, so that will take care of that.

     Is this al coming together rather quickly, or what?

     In other Wizards news, Antawn Jamison is questionable for tomorrow night’s game in Boston, as is Andray Blatche, but both did travel with the team today.