The Washington Times - April 6, 2009, 01:52PM

The Wizards ran through practice, which consisted mostly of a scrimmage today, and Ed Tapscott said he was pleased with the energy his players brought. Juan Dixon did practice today, which is a good sign considering Ed indicated he thought Dixon’s season was basically over on Saturday. Nick Young didn’t practice, however, as Tap held him out for precautionary reasons and told him to rest his sprained knee another day and then possibly go tomorrow.

This rather humorous/wacky video (link: of Young, JaVale McGee, Andray Blatche and Mike James is now circulating and most of you have probably seen it, but today Nick and JaVale talked about the history behind it.


“All four of us just wanted to do something like the old Nike commercials used to do, so one day after practice we did it and our video guy shot it for us and I put it on YouTube,” McGee said. “We tried to [get more teammates involved], but people backed out on us, so we just did it. … It’s just us being goofy, man. Just playing around.”

The T-shirts came from Gilbert Arenas, and many of the other props came from stuff found in the locker room and training room. Andray had that wig in his locker for some reason.

“It’s been hilarious,” JaVale said of the response from fans. “Just a lot of love. Just entertainment, people love it.”

Said Nick: “We were trying to get it on the [jumbotron] but they said they might do it the last game. We just put some stuff together. I don’t know how Dray had that [wig] in his locker. That kinda shocked me, too! … We were just freestyling. Everything was just made up right there. … JaVale put it up on YouTube because he’s all into that technology. He’s got all kinds of electronic stuff up in his house. That’s where his money be going at I think.”

Well … at least they’re still keeping the mood light, huh?

- Mike Jones