The Washington Times - February 19, 2009, 02:16PM

The Wizards had Caron Butler back on the practice court two days after he injured his left hip on a fall during Tuesday’s win over Minnesota. Butler said he knocked his allignment off a bit and went and saw a physical therapyst yesterday. Butler said this injury is nothing like the partially-torn labrum he suffered last season.



“I felt pretty good out there today,” Butler said. “I should be OK tomorrow. If anything, it’ll just be a day-to-day thing, not like last year. Well, that started out day-to-day and turned out month-to-month. But no, this is nothing that serious.”


Butler had a sense of humor in regards to today’s trade deadline. He exited the locker room before his interview and yelled, “What?! I’m going to Memphis??” Then bust out into a laugh.


Butler, like Jamison yesterday, said he has no worries about being traded. “I’m not going nowhere. I’m here. District of Caron, man. I’m in D.C., baby. I’m not going nowhere.”


The Wizards, according to sources, now are very unlikely to make any deal. The Knicks pulled off a deal and got Larry Hughes and Chris Wilcox and also shipped out a few players, including Malik Rose, who was mentioned in this morning’s rumor of Jeffries and Rose to Washington for Thomas and James. But according to insiders, that reported interest on Washington’s behalf never was real, simply another rumor thrown out there by the opposing side.


I was told that Washington will be sticking with what it has, which makes sense. Better to see what pick they have exactly in this summer’s draft and then they can either package that with another player, or hang onto it and know what players to move. From what I hear, the Wizards aren’t nearly as worried about their financial situation as people believe, and they think they can hang onto that high draft pick and add that player to their core of Jamison, Butler and Arenas.