The Washington Times - February 20, 2009, 07:30PM

The Wizards tonight will aim for their second win of the season in New Jersey and in the process try to put together a two-game winning streak for only the second time this season.



The last time the Wizards were here, back on Dec. 2, Washington pulled off a 108-88 victory over the Nets, and the key to that game according to Ed Tapscott was a season-high 33 assists.


The Wizards hope to use similar ball movement tonight against the Nets, who are coming off of back-to-back road losses and Tap said he’s bracing for them being in a bad mood.


The Wizards will start Dominic McGuire, Antawn Jamison, Darius Songaila, Caron Butler and Mike James. New Jersey will start Trenton Hassell and Ryan Anderson at forward, rookie center Brook Lopez and Vince Carter and Devin Harris in the back court.


Gilbert Arenas didn’t make the trip to Jersey, and I’m working on cracking the great secret of whether or not he’s practicing and exactly how much he’s doing. Obviously there are conflicting reports out there with Caron Butler earlier this week and Dave Hopla on his blog this week both saying Gil was practicing, but Tap saying that it’s just individual work, and then yesterday Caron backed off to “a lot of bike riding.” I’m pretty sure he’s doing more than just individual work, but maybe not everything. And I’m pretty sure the hush-hush manner about this is at his request. I’ll update as soon as I know.