The Washington Times - February 20, 2009, 11:30PM

Last time the Wizards were in New Jersey they posted a season-high 33 assists and won by 20 points. This time they tied a season high with 54 rebounds and got only their two-game winning streak of the season.With the win, the Wizards not only won their second straight, but they also won their third game in the last five outings for only the second time this season.



Dominic McGuire’s performance was key for the Wizards. In addition to pulling down a team-high 14 rebounds, scoring 11 poitns blocking five shots (the box score will say three, but the Wizards stat-keepers were keeping track and noticed two that were missed, so they are sending it to the league for the adjustment), he also did a great job defensively on Vince Carter, who finished with 17 points on 35-percent shooting, including a 1-for-6 performance from 3-point range.


Andray Blatche had nine points and nine rebounds in 20 minutes of play and looked good at times, especially during leading a fastbreak and slinging a no-look pass to Jamison for an assist, and a few other highlights. And then he looked really bad at times: badly winded, bad passes, bad shots. I’m guessing it will be maybe another few games before he’s back in the starting lineup while he continues to improve his conditioning.


The only perplexing thing about this game was the playing time of JaVale McGee, who got off the bench for only seven minutes. Two scouts were sitting on the row behind me and they found it odd as well. Both like McGee’s game and felt that the Wizards have got to give him more of an opportunity. It was a win, so it’s not like not playing McGee hurt the team, but for a kid that does everything he’s asked, is one of the last off the court in practices and is putting in more time in the weight room than any teammate other than Antawn Jamison (he tied him this month for lifting sessions), you’d like to see him rewarded with more of a chance to prove himself.