The Washington Times - January 31, 2009, 06:25PM

Well this should be a barn burner tonight. The 9-37 Wizards and the 10-36 Clippers. The teams are almost mirror images of each other. Both had big signings this past summer (the Wizards re-signing Arenas and Jamison, and the Clippers picking up Baron Davis and Marcus Camby), but both have had to deal with the injury bug.



“They’ve got one more win, we’ve got one more loss, hopefully we can give them one more loss,” Wizards coach Ed Tapscott said. “We’re home, we’re going against a team that has had devastating injuries, as we have. They haven’t been as coordinated because of those injuries, like we have. So, obviously, every game is an opportunity, but all of us understand qualitative opportunities vs. just opportunities.”


The difference for the Clippers is they just got back Marcus Camby from injury last night, and Davis returns tonight. The hope on the Wizards end, however, is that the Clippers still are working on getting their timing down and that they remain out of sync at least a night longer.


The Wizards for the third straight game will start Mike James, Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, Dominic McGuire and Darius Songaila. The Clippers will start Fred Jones, Eric Gordon, Marcus Camby, Brian Skinner and Al Thornton.