The Washington Times - January 9, 2009, 07:43PM

The Washington Wizards just finished a seven-game segment and as they begin another, coach Ed Tapscott expects to make a few tweaks here and there to try to produce a better result. The starting lineup won’t change, but the players that will be coming off the bench could do a bit of trading places.



“These are the times when I’ll take a look at another guy or too, because you’ve got to have a successful segment to stand pat,” Tapscott said. “We had a chance to have a winning segment, go 4-3 and we didn’t. So, what does that mean? It means you start to look for some different answers. I talked to the team about that. I told some guys who haven’t had a chance in a while to be ready.”


It could mean a return to action for JaVale McGee, who didn’t play in the last three games and since moving out of the starting lineup had become Mr. Irrelevant.  Tapscott’s message to McGee was just to play his game, do the things that he knows he does well and to take good shots. Two players who likely won’t see a decrease in minutes are Darius Songaila and Javaris Crittenton. Songaila is Mr. Reliable, and Tap can’t say enough about him. And Crittenton has started to develop more of a rhythm and seems to improve each night out.


Brendan Haywood has a little bit of flexibility in his right wrist after having the pins removed from it on Wednesday. He displayed the little babystep of progress in the locker room before tonight’s game while he was using his hand to maneuver across his keyboard while playing chess. He said the waiting game continues, however. For now, he’s just “Chillin’ like a super villian,” Haywood said.