The Washington Times - March 15, 2009, 05:30PM

With Caron Butler back on the sidelines with his hamstring injury, the Wizards will go with a bigger lineup of Antawn Jamison at small forward, Andray Blatche at power forward, Darius Songaila at center, Dominic McGuire at shooting guard and Mike James at point guard.



Ed Tapscott‘s decision to move Jamison over to small forward and McGuire to the back court is prompted partially because of the bigger lineup that Sacramento will feature since their point guard Bobby Jackson is out. The Kings will have a bigger back court of Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia and a front line of Andres Nocioni, Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes.


Caron is hoping to have an MRI done tomorrow to see the extent of the injury, which had subsided in the last week, but flaired back up in the first half of Friday’s game when he made a strong move to the basket. He said it just tightened right back up to the point where he couldn’t move at any sort of speed at all. “I think it’s probably gonna sit me down for a while,” he told me in the locker room before the game. “But as soon as it starts feeling some better, I’ll be back out there.”


Brendan Haywood, despite being cleared for full contact activity, isn’t expected to be in uniform for some time, Tapscott said, because the center still has quite a bit of game-type conditioning to do to get to the point where he can log minutes. And the only way to get that without just throwing him to the wolves is practicing, but the Wizards — after practicing tomorrow — hit the road and play two back-to-backs and won’t practice again until a week from Tuesday. So, as Tapscott said, don’t expect a Haywood return too soon.