The Washington Times - March 24, 2009, 02:28PM

Practice concluded here at Verizon Center just a bit ago, and Wizards coach Ed Tapscott said that the full-fledged participation from Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood gave the team a charge.



The team practiced for roughly an hour and 20 minutes with the last 10 minutes being a scrimmage. Arenas, who left without speaking to the media, saying “I don’t have anything to talk about,” split time between the first and second teams but according to Tapscott and Caron Butler was aggressive and looked sharp, and that the plan remains for Arenas to return for the Pistons game, but no sooner. Haywood, however, isn’t expected to return by Saturday, Tapscott said.


Butler took part in practice today, but said he’s unsure if he’ll play tomorrow against Charlotte because his hamstring often feels good, but after high activity one day, tightens up badly on the following day.


Darius Songaila underwent an MRI on the pinched nerve in his neck and results came back negative. He wasn’t able to practice today, however. Juan Dixon was having an MRI done on his right ankle/achilles tendon, but results have not come back from that. Etan Thomas said his left knee is progressing slowly but surely. He’s able to work out on the stairmaster and elyptical machine, but can’t yet run. He said he did receive a second opinion on his knee, and that those findings were consistent with the original prognosis. He has another followup checkup in roughly a week and from there he will learn how close, or how far off he is from returning to basketball related activities.