The Washington Times - March 26, 2009, 03:02PM

Ed Tapscott gave his players the day off from practice today following last night’s win over Charlotte. They’ll hit the courts again tomorrow and hope to get Caron Butler and Darius Songaila back and also put the finishing touches on the Gilbert Arenas Comeback Plan.



Tap has yet to outline what that plan will consist of, but from what I hear, Arenas expects to start. So, that means no late-first-quarter emergence from the locker room like last year. In the locker room yesterday, DeShawn Stevenson joked with Arenas that he should be lowered down from the rafters at center court. Arenas laughed and struck a pose with arms outstretched before Stevenson said, ‘Nah, that’d take too long.’


As the Wizards have said, Brendan Haywood won’t be back yet. And Stevenson is done for the year, and Etan Thomas still is sidelined. (He was riding the exercise bike in the locker room last night with pretty good speed, though, but hasn’t started running yet.) So, it won’t be the whole gang back together again. But, as Antawn Jamison put it, it’s a step toward putting the negativity of this season out of everyone’s mouths and hopefully a step toward a promising 2009-10 season.