The Washington Times - March 31, 2009, 01:38PM

TheWizards just ran through practice, concluding it on a high note with a hotly-contested scrimmage that saw the second unit, led by Nick Young and Javaris Crittenton, beat the first unit led by Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler. (Antawn Jamison sat out the scrimmage).



The Wizards are headed to the airport for their flight to Memphis where they will take on the Grizzlies and then on Thursday will play host to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Arenas let on that he might not play against LeBron and Co. because he might be planning on playing the Grizzlies instead.


“That was the plan? I don’t know,” he said when asked if he was still on schedule for Thursday. “I need to see how it feels coming Thursday. I’ll have to see how it feels tomorrow if I play tomorrow. Then I can’t play Thursday.”


That threw everybody off.


Wait, huh? You might play in Memphis?


“If I feel good, yeah.”


But what happened to the original plan of no road games, only home games until next week at Cleveland?


“I’m just going game-by-game. Just depending on what the trainer says tomorrow, see how my knee feels.”


But wouldn’t it be more appealing to play on TNT against the Cavs?


“Not really, I’m not here for the show right now. I’m here to work on my rehab, not to play up to the crowd and the hype right now.”


Is your knee feeling OK? Has something changed?


“Nope, I feel good. No complaints. Not yet.”


Crazy considering just 15 minutes earlier, Ed Tapscott said Arenas would NOT play against Memphis because the plan was no back-to-backs and the team would rather have him for Thursday.


“We set the perameter, no back-to-backs,” Tap said. “This is a back to back so we’d rather have him on the back-side this time at home against Cleveland. So he won’t play at Memphis.”


SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH, nothing is ever simple, is it?


In other news, Darius Songaila went through the practice and scrimmage today and said there are just a few slight twinges but that pinched nerve in his neck, which was effecting his shoulder, feels much better and that he could return to action tomorrow against Memphis.


Brendan Haywood remains a ways off, still trying to get his wind back, and Juan Dixon (Achilles tendon) remains day-to-day.