The Washington Times - October 1, 2009, 05:17PM

     For the second straight day Gilbert Arenas was on the sidelines while his teammates scrimmaged today, and when the team ran at the conclusion he jogged and appeared to be favoring it as he did so.

     But Flip Saunders said there was nothing wrong with the guard’s left knee, but it was the middle finger of his left hand (the one he dislocated roughly two weeks ago) that was bothering him.


     “Today Gil got his finger hit again a little bit yesterday. So it swelled up a little bit, and we taped it up and he went through a lot of stuff. We held him out of scrimmage from the standpoint that we didn’t have him do much in the scrimmage. But he did all the drills and did everything early. It was good, he was able to get out.”

     When asked if Arenas had any soreness in his knee or any flair-up type of thing, Saunders said, “No. Everything’s fine. He has no problems at all. If we had a game today, he’d be playing.”

     Saunders also said he isn’t worried about Arenas missing out on live playing time with his teammates.

     “No,” he said. “Because earlier we did a controlled type scrimmage and we did up and down, and he played with those guys, and he’s had repetitions with those guys every day.”

     It might not be a big deal, but I wasn’t able to confirm one way or another with Arenas himself that his knee was fine. His reply when asked to speak to reporters: “I’m not talking. I’ll see you guys media day of next year.”

     In other Wizards action, Flip said Nick Young and Andray Blatche continue to stand out as camp continues. Young had Caron Butler D’d up pretty well in the scrimmages this afternoon, and Blatche continued his strong play both on offense and defense.

     Dominic McGuire said he worked all summer on his jump shot, and it definitely shows. At one point in the scrimmage, he had his back to the basket along the baseline and then popped a turn-around jumper over Antawn Jamison. McGuire added another highlight a short time later, putting the ball on the floor and driving baseline for a reverse layup.

     Saunders continues to be pleased with the progress his players are making. He did say, however, that he would like to see more improvement in grasping some aspects of the defensive strategies, but said that’s to be expected. “Of course I’ll never be completely satisfied, otherwise I wouldn’t be a coach,” he chuckled. The Wizards had only one practice today and will hit the courts again tomorrow at 10:30 a.m.