The Washington Times - October 1, 2009, 12:30PM

The NBA this morning sent out a report on the most popular jerseys in Europe and believe it or not, Gilbert Arenas’ No. 0 Wizards jersey ranked 15th in 2009 European sells despite the fact that the guard has barely played in the last two years.

The report was taken from jersey sales in Europe during the 2008-09 season.


Kobe Bryant’s jersey ranked first while Kevin Garnett ranked second. Pau Gasol’s jersey was third on the list while LeBron James’ jersey was fourth. Dwyane Wade was No. 5.

The rest of the list: 6. Tony Parker (San Antonio) 7. Dwight Howard (Orlando) 8. Andrea Bargnani (Toronto) 9. Jose Calderon (Toronto) 10. Paul Pierce (Boston) 11. Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas) 12. Rudy Fernandez (Portland) 13. Marco Belinelli (Golden State) 14. Joakim Noah (Chicago) 15. Gilbert Arenas (Washington).

Eight of those players on the list are Europeans. So, I guess you could say Arenas is the seventh-most-poplular American NBA player in Europe.

It’s a bit of a surprise since Gil hasn’t been on the court. But I guess his fans remain faithful regardless.

I guess it shouldn’t be a total shock. Last Christmas on my flight from BWI to Cleveland for the Wizards’ game up there, I sat next to a kid from SWITZERLAND, who was wearing an Arenas jersey. His dad had given him the Christmas present of flying to D.C. to see the Wizards, but since they were playing in Cleveland, they decided to follow them.