The Washington Times - October 16, 2009, 03:23PM

     As was the case Tuesday night when he had to speak to the media after receiving a fine, Gilbert Arenas wasn’t particularly pleased, but did address reporters following practice today.

     Arenas said he feels “fine,” after going through a full training camp and even this week’s back-to-back games. And said despite his surly demenor, he loves the game of basketball just as much as he ever did.


     “I’ve loved the game the same as when I got hurt until now,” Gil said. “That’s why I want to play, instead of just doing interviews about nothing.”

     It’s rather confusing, but Arenas says his sudden unwillingness to speak stems from his words always being discected and used against him, something that started back when he did his blog.

     “The blog was entertainment. I never actually gave you guys good quotes. You just took it off my blog and went from there.”

     He continued after asking for an explanation, or if the scrutiny was painful to him: “Nah, I just call you guys lazy, that’s all. Instead of doing research and finding out the truth, you just write what you hear. That’s the difference. I work out six hours a day on my craft. You guys hear something and write it instead of finding out the truth. Laziness. It’s been the last two years.”

     I asked him if he thought there was a happy medium between the public/entertainer Arenas, and the “focused” Arenas we have now.

     His reply: “The happy medium is you guys stop asking me questions, so I don’t have to get fined. But you guys are not, so this is what you’re going to get all year.”

     Arenas is aware that most found his blog entertaining, but doesn’t mind that his fans won’t be able to hear from him directly any more.

      “Not one bit, I don’t think about talking again,” Arenas said. “The fans, I just think they just want to see me play again. I think they can live without me rambling on about stupid stuff in my life.”

     When it comes to the coming season, Arenas said he’s not concerned about Antawn Jamison because it’s just the preseason. On his initial thought when he saw Jamison running off the court with his arm dangling: “I just thought he had a cramp.” He said he hasn’t checked in with his teammate, not the night of the injury or since.

     “I’m just like you guys,” he said referring on just receiving updates from the team on Jamison. “You hear six to eight weeks, or the end of preseason.”

     I hadn’t heard six to eight weeks, but it obviously definitely is a possibility once Jamison is re-evaluated next week and if his progress isn’t as speedy as the Wizards have hoped for.

     The Wizards face Eddie Jordan and the 76ers on Tuesday, but Arenas isn’t concerned with facing his old coach.

    “Not really,” He said. “I know his offense almost better than he do. I’m not really worried about them. To be honest, we’ve got to play Atlanta first, and it’s still preseason. Who really cares about preseason? It’s about getting your rhythm, and then when the season starts we’ll worry about every team we face.”

     In all Arenas talked for 10 minutes (if you add in the time it took for reporters to ask questions), addressing everything from his new teammates to his own progress.

     I’ll be writing more about this, so stay tuned …