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In the most exciting 3-inning baseball game ever played, the Phillies edged the Rays 4-3 to win the 2008 World Series. The Phils' victory in Game 5 capped their incredible 11-3 postseason run including an undefeated (7-0) post-season record in front of the home crowd Phans. Truth is, in this final game at home, the long-suffering, loyal and loud Phans willed this team to victory. No way these Phans would let their team go to Tampa without them to finish the business of this World Series. And so, on this cold night in October, the losing-est franchise in baseball history was crowned its World Champion.

Weird Weather keeps PHans Waiting

The weather radar over the Northeast yesterday afternoon showed a swirling storm system stuck right over Philadelphia - its as if the weather gods were angry and taking it out on Major League Baseball.

Game 3 – Phils score with a RISP!!! Phils score with a RISP!! Oh, and by the way, they win the game to take a 2-1 Series lead.

What a night, what a morning, what a game! And the best part is that it had a happy ending. Note to the Media nay-sayers: This is turning out to be a fabulous series – Dodgers and Red Sox phooey! – the Phils and Rays are putting on a show………. It started with a bit of small ball in the early innings, then a power display by the Phils to take the lead, then back to small ball as the Rays used a gift from the 1B ump and some aggressive base-running to tie it up late, then finailly, in a stunning (and long overdue) display of execution with RISP, the Phils got a 45-ft walk-off grounder against a drawn in 5 man infield to win it in the bottom of the ninth…………

PHans are ready, but is the World ready for them?

Its been a while since Phans could enjoy October. But cold and rain notwithstanding, they are ready to make some noise. Good news: The Phils have yet to lose a playoff game at home and the Phans energize them like no other. Bad News: the Phils are on a record breaking run of futility so far this Series - 1 for 27 with RISP (runners in scoring position) - and Phans are quite edgy, despite the Series being tied 1-1. The players know their Phans are like family, and like that annoying Uncle Vinny, they won't keep quiet. The casual fan could find this Pheedback a little puzzling. Here's a guide to help TV fans get some background to the "crowd noise." Remember, its all for love......

Game 2 – Rays execute, Phils don’t.

The Rays had 3 chances with runners on third and one out and scored on them all – with 2 groundouts and a bunt. The Phils had similar opportunities and struck out every time. That's a 3-run swing in a 2-run game. It’s not like the Phightin' Phils aren’t getting runners on base. They just aren’t bringing them home. At the beginning of the Series, Phans would have been happy to leave Tampa Bay with a split. So, given our record-breaking PHutility with men on base, we should be relieved that we got one victory. Time to head north and say goodbye to baseball with white ceilings, green carpets, catwalks and cowbells to a beautiful ballpark with a big dark sky, real green grass, some wind and weather, and crazy Phans who hope to will those runners home and cheer their team to victory.

Game 1 - PHEW - PHlailing PHils PHight off PHutility and PHlatten the Rays

PHEW - The Phillies were lucky. In spite of what could be a World Series record in futility with runners in scoring position (RISP), they scored just enough runs for their ace Cole Hamels and closer Brad Lidge to edge the Rays in a nail-biter that should never have been that close. But a victory is a victory and by tomorrow, few will remember how ugly this was. Our hitters deserve a pass because of the long lay-off. - or perhaps it was those annoying cowbells. Whatever, lets hope the PHat bats show up tonight for game 2. Brett Myers, even the Good Bret, is not Cole Hamels and needs a few more runs.

Game Day - WHY CAN'T US?

Not too many “experts” are picking the Phillies to win this thing but that’s probably a good thing — being underdogs, that is. In fact, the Phllies are perpetual underdogs — after all, they are famous for losing — they have lost nearly 10,100 games - more than any team - in any sport – ever! Pretty impressive, although not exactly what you want to be remembered for. When Jimmie Rollins said in Spring 2007 that the Phillies were the team to beat, everyone rolled their eyes in disbelief. By September, the Phillies had won the NL East. In Spring 2008, Rollins said the Phillies would win 100 games. They are at 99 and counting and the Rays are up next.....

Where's the love?

The Phillies and Rays - two great teams, two losers turned winners. What's not to like about this years Fall Classic? History aside - Someone is going to win this thing and their once-suffering fans will be rewarded at last. Speaking of fans......... The national media, besides being sour on this "less-than-marquee" match-up, have given Phillies fans (Phans, for short) a bum rap. They deserve way better. Here's why........