The Washington Times - October 30, 2008, 02:39AM

In the most exciting 3-inning baseball game ever played, the Phillies edged the Rays 4-3 to win the 2008 World Series. The Phils victory in Game 5 capped an incredible 11-3 postseason run including an undefeated (7-0) post-season record in front of the home crowd Phans.  Truth is, in this final game at home, the long-suffering, loyal and loud Phans willed this team to victory. No way these Phans would let their team go to Tampa without them to finish the business of this World Series. And so, on this cold night in October, the losing-est franchise in baseball history was crowned its World Champion.

Phorever moments to treasure:

1. Harry Kalas’ radio call of the final out: “swing and a miss, struck him out, the Philadelphia Phillies  are the 2008 World Champions of Baseball”…. What a night!…. Wow!… What a season……. Wow!”
2. Brad Lidge, after striking out the final batter in the ninth, arms raised to the sky, then falling to his knees as if in disbelief, or perhaps even relief - Yes - after an improbable perfect season, Brad Lidge can exhale.
3. Charlie Manuel on the podium at the presentation of the Championship trophy, screaming to the adoring crowd: “this is for our Phans, this is for Philadelphia.”
4. The impromptu parade of Phillies carrying the 2008 World Championship banner around the stadium as their Phans stayed and cheered wildly in the stands
5. Finally, a uniquely Philly  moment - when MLB Commissioner Bud Selig (inventor of the 2-day rain delay) was introduced to present the trophy - they booed him!!! Gotta love it.


1. PAT BURRELL - in perhaps his last at bat as a Phillie, he got his first hit of the series, a mammoth 7-th inning blast high off the wall in the deepest part of the park, which produced the series-winning run.
2. JOE BUCK and TIM Mc CARVER - After the final out was recorded, they just kept quiet and let us watch, first the spontaneous celebration on the mound, then each players reaction to the final strikeout. It was wonderful to watch and no words were needed.
3. PAT GILLICK, Phils GM - he came with a 3-year plan to get to the World Series, and in this, his final year, he leaves with a World Series ring. And how fitting that in this biggest win of the year, some of his key pick-ups (Werth, Jenkins, Bruntlett and Feliz) either scored or batted in runs.  
3. ED WADE, departed GM - who went to Houston and traded us Brad Lidge (kudos again to Gillick  for fleecing him)
4. The RAYS - a great young team who play the game the way it should be played. Three of the Phillies’ four victories in the series were one-run nailbiters and could have gone either way. This was an exciting series that should make baseball proud of both teams. 
5. And last but not least, TO THE PHILLY PHANS - the passionate, long-suffering, and truly loyal Phans, who despite a few brutish exceptions that get too much publicity, are nothing like what the media portrays them to be. Phans who, since early April, way before this special night, packed the house through good times and bad, who urged this team on night after night and never stopped believing that this - its second World Series title in 125 years - could and would happen someday. They deserve this.

Cheers to us !!!