The Washington Times - October 27, 2008, 07:36AM

After days and days of embarrassing frustration plating runs, the Phillies erupted with a vengeance on Sunday. As their famous broadcaster, Harry Kalas, would say. “Wow!”

This long overdue outburst sets the stage for tonight’s World Series game 5 - the first potential 2008 post-season clincher in front of the home crowd, where the Phillies are perfect in this Post-season. Starting pitcher will be Cole Hamels, also perfect in the 2008 Post-season, and perfect at home. The stars are perfectly aligned. The PHans are holding their collective breath. Can they will this team to victory one more time …….


1. He hits, he scores, Phils win - once again, a Jimmy Rollins leadoff hit and first-inning run keyed a Phils victory. Jimmy got his mojo back and got the joint jumpin’ - just in time.
2. Asterisk - truth be told, Jimmy should have never scored in the first inning. He looked tagged out at third, on yet another bungled RISP opportunity for our Phils, but alas - not with this group of umpires. We’ll take it - they owed us one, at least.
3. Home Cooking - MMM  MMM Good. At Citizens Bank Park, the Phils are winning at a .750 clip since early August. And, they are 6-0 at home in the Postseason.
4. Fleez Fleeces the Jinx - Pedro Feliz batted in a run with 2 out in the 3rd inning - the Phillies’ first two-out hit to score a run in the entire Series!
5. He’s baaaaack - the bomber, that is - Ryan Howard, after going a month without a home run, has blasted three of them in the past two games. If he is really locked in, the Rays may just walk him from now on.
6. A “Bambino” sighting?  - Joe Blanton, who is sort of shaped like a young Babe Ruth, did his best Bambino imitation in the 5th inning, popping one past the petunias into the left field seats, and jogging around the bases as only a big chubby pitcher can do. The real bambino need not worry: It was only Blanton’s second hit of the entire year and his first major league home run.
7. Jason isn’t Werthless after all. Jason has had a pretty rough Series until last night but he launched one into left field seats in the 8th inning and his exuberance rounding first was understandable relief, rather than a show of bravado. But Shane Victorino who got an earful from the players when he did the same arm-raising routine after his grand slam against CC in the NLDS, gave Jason the appropriate disrespect in the dugout - all in fun, of course.
8. The little man reports…. FOX field reporter, Ken Rosenthal reported that the “ancient one”, Jamie Moyer had the stomach flu the night before his masterful Game 3 performance. That only makes what he did even more impressive. Bummer that he didn’t get credit for the victory. If it wasn’t for that bad call……
9. Speaking of which…… First Base Umpire Tim Hallion admitted he blew the call on the Crawford bunt against Jamie Moyer in Game 3. Good for him, he gets to stay in town another day.

And finally, this from Joe Buck - a nice tribute to Harry Kalas, smooth voice of the Phillies since 1971, saying that, “if I had that voice, I would go around the house all day and talk to myself.”

Long-time Phans remember Harry’s greatest calls like they were yesterday. Now, thanks to the internet, some of his more recent calls can be archived and played over and over again. Here is one of my favorites: Kalas’ recent call of the spectacular game-ending double play with the bases loaded that clinched this years NL East - the dramatic moment that started this great post-season run.

Maybe, just maybe, another call for the ages is coming up soon. Maybe, just maybe, tonight…………..