The Washington Times - July 27, 2007, 01:48PM
Beat writers David Elfin and Ryan O’Halloran debate a few key questions about the Redskins as they enter training camp. This week Elfin got first crack at the questions; there will be a role reversal next week. Stay tuned for this weekly treat; only 23 more to go. 1. What is the biggest issue facing this team as it heads into training camp? SEE RELATED:

Elfin: NFL O’Halloran: Jason Campbell 2. Is Campbell that big of an upgrade over Mark Brunell at this point? Elfin: O’Halloran: 3. Who will be the surprise of training camp? Elfin: O’Halloran: 4. Do any of last year’s holdovers not make this team? Elfin: O’Halloran: 5. Besides LaRon Landry, will any of the draft choices make an impact? Elfin: O’Halloran: 6. Gut feeling: How many wins and why for this club? Elfin: O’Halloran: