The Washington Times - September 1, 2008, 09:57PM

The Republican Party today adopted its 2008 platform, and in the section on education, an English-first approach is advocated. Here’s an excerpt:

To ensure that all students will have access to the mainstream of American life, we support the English First approach and oppose divisive programs that limit students’ future potential. All students must be literate in English, our common language, to participate in the promise of America.



The platform also gives a shoutout to homeschoolers, single-sex education and bridging the divide between elementary, secondary and higher education:


We reject a one-size-fits-all approach and support parental options, including home schooling, and local innovations such as schools or classes for boys only or for girls only and alternative and innovative school schedules. We recognize and appreciate the importance of innovative education environments, particularly homeschooling, for stimulating academic achievement. We oppose over-reaching judicial decisions which deny children access to such environments. We support state efforts to build coordination between elementary and secondary education and higher education such as K-16 councils and dual credit programs.


The platform also advocates for merit-based pay for teachers, more parental involvement and classroom discipline. It cites the statistic that only 70 percent  of high school  students graduate and only 57 percent of young people graduate college within six years.