The Washington Times - March 6, 2009, 09:34AM

Perhaps seeking to make a few friends that could help him out should he run for president in 2012, Gov. Jon Huntsman, Utah Republican, is sowing seeds in the key primary state of South Carolina. Next Saturday he’s hosting a fundraiser at a Salt Lake City country club for Henry McMaster, South Carolina’s attorney general running for governor, according to Utah policy wonk LaVarr Webb.

Huntsman and McMaster became friends while the two men supported Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign. Saturday’s fundraiser comes on top of a visit to South Carolina Huntsman made last month.


“We want to provide Mr. McMaster with a meaningful stay while he is here — show him some good Utah hospitality,” Mike Deaver, Huntsman’s chief fundraiser, told Webb. Huntsman is making flirtations early in the presidential cycle, possibly hoping to overcome some problems faced by Mitt Romney as a Mormon campaigning in unfriendly territory.

Romney and Huntsman