The Washington Times - October 26, 2008, 12:21AM

Sen. Barack Obama‘s campaign Saturday evening denied reports the Democratic presidential nominee already had a draft of his inaugural address, after Republican Sen. John McCain decried it as a premature “victory lap.”

“While this charge is completely false and there is no draft of an inaugural address for Senator Obama, the last thing we need is a candidate like John McCain who just plans on re-reading George Bush’s,” Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said.


Mr. Obama is leading in national polls and in key swing states won by President Bush in 2004, but the campaign balked at the report that it was “already measuring the drapes” in the White House, as Mr. McCain previously charged.

After the New York Times reported Mr. Obama’s presidential transition team chief wrote a draft inaugural address this summer, Mr. McCain seized on the news at a rally Saturday afternoon in Mesilla, N.M.


“I have a request for my opponent: I want him to save that manuscript of his inaugural address and donate it to the Smithsonian, so they can put it right next to the Chicago paper that says ‘Dewey Defeats Truman,’” Mr. McCain said.


S.A. Miller, national political reporter, The Washington Times