The Washington Times - June 25, 2008, 08:47AM


Life After Football


McDole had started a library furniture manufacturing company in the late 1970s. So after his “retirement” he returned to Winchester, Virginia to manage the company full time. He sold the business in the early 1980s and he did work for a company that did millwork. Later he joined a millworking company in Annandale and assisted them with developing their commercial business. He also did installations in malls, hotels, and restaurants. He finally retired in 1998.


At around that time Pat Fischer had a real estate company and he would call McDole to get him to do re-modeling work for clients. He did that off and on and then started a dealership that sold cabinets.


He still does some re-modeling for friends or a customer or two.


He has been separated from his wife for many years and the two recently divorced. He re-married in the Fall of 2007. 


McDole has four kids — three sons and a daughter. His daughter now lives in Cape Coral, Florida. His oldest son lives in Roanoke, Virginia. The middle son lives in Hawaii and his youngest son lives in Winchester, Virginia.  McDole has four grandchildren. 


He now lives on a golf course near Front Royal, Virginia.


He holds a concern for the older players who are now suffering physical problems because they played the game. “Some guys are charity cases,” said McDole. To help them, he plays in charity golf tournaments. “So many players are suffering now because they played the game. No one had the foresight to get insurance and the NFLPA doesn’t give them anything. With all the money in the game now, you wonder why they don’t take care of these people,” he concluded.