The Washington Times - January 28, 2008, 04:31PM
Redskins Brian Mitchell SEE RELATED:

\ You’ll read Mitchell’s take on Fassel in tomorrow’s paper. You’ll read Mitchell’s opinion of front office chief/grand poo-bah/Snyder right hand Vinny Cerrato right now.\

\ “A lot of people are still laughing [at Snyder] because of the Vinny Cerrato promotion and the way they’re doing things. … When you look at Al Davis, you see a lot of the things Dan does and along those same lines. I think Dan is willing to spend money and he’s not stupid or else he wouldn’t be successful.\

\ “Somehow Vinny got his ear and Dan has to force himself to listen to somebody else in fooball for a minute and he’ll find out he’s not listening to the right guy. … All these people [around the NFL] have the same mindset of this one guy. If you look at Vinny in Washington, what the [heck] has he done? Don’t tell me he took the team to the playoffs this year. That was on Joe Gibbs and the defense a bunch of players who fought.”