The Washington Times - April 22, 2009, 04:56PM

The Redskins’ braintrust met with the media today about their draft intentions. Specific players are never discussed in these sessions, but there were some illuminating quotes from owner Dan Snyder and his righthand man, Vinny Cerrato.

“You tell the truth now, nobody believes you,” Cerrato said.


“I’m also going to be aggressive to try to win,” Snyder said. “I didn’t buy the team as an investment. I bought the team to try to win the Super Bowl.”

Which is why Snyder’s Redskins are usually dealmakers and why it’s even money that they don’t stand pat at No. 13, especially with no other picks before No. 80.

“There’s dealmakers and there’s pretenders,” Cerrato said. “Sitting where we are 13, there’s a chance [of a trade] because there’s people that could come up for the third quarterback, the running back[s], the corner[s]. It might be a spot that people might want to come up to, but you can’t trade back if nobody calls.”

Asked about moving up — to choose Southern Cal quarterback Mark Sanchez — Cerrato said, “Anything’s possible. It’s just what you’re willing to give up.” And if Sanchez ends up in Washington … “When you take a guy that high at a premium position like that … and the money that you’re spending [to sign him], they’re a starter,” Cerrato said about the top offensive tackles but presumably quarterbacks, too.

And if Sanchez, tackles Andre Smith of Alabama and Michael Oher of Mississippi and Texas passrusher Brian Orakpo are all gone by the time the Redskins are on the clock, “At 13, there’ll be a good football player,” Cerrato said. “There’ll be somebody that can come in and start for us.”

— David Elfin