The Washington Times - February 7, 2009, 04:00PM reports that former Redskins defensive tackle Dana Stubblefield, one of the biggest free-agent flops in Washington history, was sentenced on Thursday to two years probation for “lying to federal investigators.” The ESPN report goes on to say that Stubblefield, the 1997 Defensive Player of the Year for San Francisco before signing with Washington in 1998, has been “providing information to federal authorities and the league regarding steroid use and distribution in the sport.”

Stubblefield reportedly provided authorities with “the names of players, trainers, and others associated with the NFL who may be involved in ongoing activities with illegal drugs in professional football.”

Although Stubblefield’s last season was 2003, many players, trainers and others associated with the NFL are still in the league and could face sanctions from Commissioner Roger Goodell as well as criminal penalties if his information proves accurate.

David Elfin