The Washington Times - March 9, 2009, 12:44PM

A couple interesting NFL Draft items over at Pro Football Talk (link here) which we’ll condense here. As a reminder, the Draft, held at Radio City Music Hall in New York, will take place April 25-26 and be broadcast on ESPN and NFL Network.

- The Draft, which used to start at noon on Saturday, then moved to 3 p.m. last year, this year will start at 4 p.m. That groan you heard is from all of the NFL beat writers looking at an even tighter deadline.


Same as last year, that means the first two rounds are on Saturday, with the final five rounds on Sunday.

- The draft order is official, awaiting compensatory picks, which we should find out about later this month. The compensatory picks come after the third round. (update: We’ll know those after the NFL owners meetings March 22-25, after the league has run the losses and signings and more through its complicated formula)

- Here’s how it looks for the Redskins, who have four picks:

First Round, 13th overall pick

Third Round, 16th pick, 80th overall selection

Fifth Round, 14th pick

Sixth Round, 13th pick

If you’re wondering (or you’ve forgotten) where those other picks went:

- The Dolphins will be using Washington’s second rounder (44th overall) in return for the Redskins’ one-year rental of Jason Taylor, who no longer is with the team.

- The Jets will be using Washington’s fourth rounder, which they received in the Jason Kendall Pete Kendall trade (this was upgraded from a 2008 fifth-rounder because Kendall played more than 80 percent of Washington’s offensive snaps in 2007). Kendall, of course, is no longer with the team.

- Minnesota will be using Washington’s seventh rounder, which it received in last May’s trade in return for Erasmus James … who no longer is with the team.

- John Taylor

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