The Washington Times - October 12, 2009, 02:15PM

The Redskins are counting on Hunter Smith punting this week against Kansas City. They just cut his fill-in replacement, Glenn Pakulak, and re-signed veteran defensive end Renaldo Wynn, whom they had waived on Saturday to make room for the second punter.

Smith, who was inactive at Carolina with a strained groin after never missing a game during his decade with Indianapolis, said he’s questionable to return.


“I’d say there’s a good chance [I could play], but I’d like to hit some balls that are pretty close to full-speed before [I play again],” Smith said.

Pakulak averaged (an NFL-adjusted) 42.4 gross yards and 35.4 net in Smith’s place. The league added 30 yards to his gross yardage.

If Smith isn’t well enough to punt by the end of the week, the Redskins could go through the same Pakulak-Wynn switch again or cut a young player to make room for the fill-in punter.

— David Elfin