The Washington Times - October 21, 2009, 04:07PM

Hall of Fame receiver Steve Largent, who is close friends with Redskins coach Jim Zorn and lives in the District, appeared on KGO-AM in Seattle this morning and didn’t hold back on saying what he felt about Zorn being stripped of the play calling.

Among the highlights:


*”I don’t know what a Dan Snyder coach looks like and I don’t think Dan Snyder knows what a Dan Snyder coach looks like. That’s fairly obvious now as he’s been through six head coaches in 10 years. The problem is that, Jim was hired as an offensive coordinator and then promoted to head coach and yet, the coaching position that Jim was given, he was told who his coaches were going to be, he was told who his players were going to be, he didn’t have any opportunity to go, seek and find players and coaches that he wanted to fill out the team with a couple of exceptions.”

*”He inherited everything that he has to work with today and yet all the blame is being laid on his feet because he can’t make them Super Bowl champions, which I could have told you two years ago – they don’t have a Super Bowl-quality team so it doesn’t matter how good a coach you are – you’re not going to get there with the players the owner gives you.”

*”The formula that the Redskins owner and the Redskins GM have for producing a winner on the field is not a winning formula. … It’s been proven for 10 years in a row. They had Joe Gibbs in here and he couldn’t do it with the formula.”

*”Yes, he did consider [resigning] and no, he did not want to give up those responsibilities. They went to the point of pulling out his contract and said, ‘You have to do whatever the owners tells you to do.’ His choice was to either resign or to continue on under the current scenario. Jim’s not a quitter. He said he wasn’t going to quit on his coaching staff and quit on this team.”

*”I think it will be humbling and embarrassing for the Redksins’ owner and management that made the decision. To think you can bring in a guy from a retirement center who’s pulling out ping-pong balls at the bingo games in Detroit, bring him down here for two weeks and say, ‘You’re going to call the plays for the next game.’ To think that’s going to be successful, that’s a joke. That is really a joke. The embarrassment lies at the feet of the people who made the decision and that was not Jim.”

— Ryan O’Halloran