The Washington Times - October 22, 2009, 01:02PM

Redskins secondary coach Jerry Gray held his weekly interview session — his third in place of Greg Blache and before the cameras started rolling, Gray acknowledged he’s heard rumors that he would be the interim coach should Jim Zorn get fired.

“The thing is, you just have to let it go and you have to do what you do,” he said. “I know what my job is here and that’s to make sure they don’t score touchdowns. That’s what we have to make sure we stay focused on and not worry about what everybody else is doing. I tell my guys all the time, if we start looking over our shoulders and we get hit, we’re in trouble.”


Gray said he went through a similar situation in Buffalo four years ago. As the defensive coordinator, Mike Mularkey was the embattled head coach who was eventually fired.

“This is not really new,” Gray said. “This kind of happened in Buffalo a little bit and the thing you got to do is take from that experience. Trust me, I’m a lot better coach this time around. I understand things do happen but you have to make sure you stay focused and that’s one thing I didn’t do in Buffalo that I will do this time.”

It was a bizarre situation in the locker room because we’re asking defensive players about Gray’s coaching style and they were playing along. Everybody in the building is aware of the situation should Zorn get fired.

— Ryan O’Halloran