The Washington Times - October 26, 2009, 03:30PM

So a bunch of us trudged to Georgetown today for the “Monday Night Football” chalk talk luncheon.

Two things:


1. There wasn’t any chalk talk. The audience of about 200 didn’t get to ask questions even if ground rules — no asking Jon Gruden about the Redskins job — would have been pre-arranged.

2. Nobody talked. We knew Gruden wouldn’t be available and Ron Jawrowski was whisked off from the writers after doing TV and radio interviews. We hope to get Jaws at the stadium tonight.

Anyway, by now everybody has heard Gruden slipped a ‘we’ into talking about the Redskins — obviously a slip up.

Here’s Chucky’s quotes:

*On the Redskins dysfunction:

“I never liked to coach against a team that had what you called turmoil and here in Washington, they’re coming off a very difficult start to the season and I don’t care who calls plays tonight for the Redskins, they’re in turmoil right now. I really think they’re going to come out fighting. They’ve got a lot of veteran football players. They have a lot of pride. If I was Philadelphia, I’d beware tonight because the Redskins play great defense, have a lot of pride and I expect to give it their best outing of the year tonight.”

*On the Redskins offense:

“They have players. There’s fuel in the tank. They just need to light the match. The Redskins got to get going. They need some confidence. They need their fans to raise a little hell tonight, get behind them, we (there’s the slip up) need to have some success early in my opinion. If they can some momentum going, positive momentum on offense, they can once again be a heckuva football team. They need some positive early.”

*On missing coaching:

“It’s the best of the best. The best coaches, the best players, the best fans, the highest level of competition. It’s really taught me to be mentally tough. You’re going to get kicked, you’re going to get knocked down, you’re going to get beat up on the radio staion. You have to get up and sustain. I love to compete. I love being in that locker room with those players minutes before the game. A lot of people feel pressure – players in this league apply it. They look forward to the pressure situations. That’s what I miss most being in the locker room with the palyers.”

— Ryan O’Halloran