The Washington Times - October 27, 2009, 01:33PM

Running back Clinton Portis said the Redskins are haunted by their lack of depth.

Portis, part of an offense that has lost right guard Randy Thomas (Week 2), Pro Bowl left tackle Chris Samuels (week 5) and Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley (Week 7) to season-ending injuries during the past five games, criticized the team for not providing better depth on the roster.


“It’s going to be difficult,” Portis said. “We lost two offensive linemen. We shuffled two offensive linemen. Now we lose Chris Cooley. The only mainstays from our opening day roster that’s on that line are Casey Rabach and Derrick Dockery. Everyone else has been shuffled, moved, changed or injured. So we’re going out there and playing with two guys that was originally the starters. Levi Jones play[ed]. We signed him five days ago. That’s just the position we’re in.”

Portis, who has jokingly been referred to as the Redskins’ assistant general manager, said the team didn’t have to be in this position.

“We got to address and get some depth,” Portis said. “We went into the season and we didn’t address that issue and it came back to haunt us.”

— David Elfin