The Washington Times - October 27, 2009, 02:49PM

Vinny Cerrato spent a couple minutes with local reporters this afternoon, his first comments to us locals since the play-calling switch and saying Jim Zorn is the coach for the rest of the year.

A couple of the highlights:


*On 2-5 start:

“Frustrating and disappointing – it’s not where we expected to be. I know Dan’s disappointed for the fans, everybody’s disappointed for the fans. We need to re-group during this bye and come out those last nine games and improve.”

*On lack of offensive line depth:

“We tried to address the line. We added Dockery and Mike Williams and when we were in the draft, there was no one at 13 worthy of it. Are you having the results we wanted? No. We don’t want sacks. If it was Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas in there, would it be better? Absolutely. If you lose a Pro Bowler, it’s definitely going to drop off. Where we’re standing right now, to have more depth would be great.

“Look at the depth around the league. Nobody has a Pro Bowler to back up a Pro Bowler. Look at Phila last week when Jason peters went out, they had six sacks against the Raiders. When you lose some quality people, there is a drop off. I’m not making excuses.”

*On switch to Sherm Lewis as playcaller:

“We didn’t win but I thought Sherm provided a spark and I think the offense did some good things and Fred and Devin got a chance to do some things offensively so I think coming in and having to face the third-ranked defense that blitzes a lot and does all those things, he did a good job with the amount time he had.”

*On his job security:

“I feel like my job is on the line all the time. It’s not something I worry about. My job is to get us going and to fill these holes when guys get hurt. Things take care of themselves after the season.”

*On final nine games:

“To me, we just have to look at everybody and look at everything. I have to look at myself. We have to get better day to day and week to week. It’s about improving each game and it’s one game at a time, one day at a time.”

*On if he feels he provided Jim Zorn a team that could make the playoffs:


— Ryan O’Halloran