The Washington Times - October 28, 2009, 12:59PM

Highlights from Jim Zorn’s radio appearance on ESPN 980.

*On Vinny Cerrato’s comment that the front office handed Zorn a playoff team entering the season:


“I wouldn’t even begin to try and answer that question. I do know this: If we’ve got a playoff roster, we’ll earn the right to be in the playoffs. Each game is hard. For me, I’m kind of living week to week, game to game, trying to earn everything. What we did last year is evaulate who we had on the roster and then we have to go out and prove it.”

(By not answering it, Zorn of course answered it — he even did a semi-smirk after the first sentence. This wasn’t a playoff team even when healthy, Vinny.)

*On how often he talks to Vinny:

“We’re both trying to do the jobs that we’ve been hired for. I’m certainly trying to work hard along with our staff to put together wins and keep that communication level open and high. Vinny, he’s around. We communicate several times during the day and it may be a quick conversation, it may be a longer conversation. We both have jobs to do and we’re trying to do them.”

*On punt return situation:

“It was a punt return by committee. I had Santana (Moss) in there, I even put DeAngelo (Hall) in there for one punt return. Antwaan’s role is going to continue but I’m going to try and get DeAngelo more returns and Santana more returns to give us a chance to have a different pace if you will. Antwaan dropped a punt in the game and that’s uncharacteristic of him but I do feel confident in him back there especially when to make a fair catch and when to run.”

*On not calling plays against Philadelphia:

“It was very difficult. I tried to maintain my composure and yet I saw we were executing our game plan and moving the ball both in the air and on the ground. It’s what it was. I was very proud of how Sherm was able to get prepared in that week and put the game together and not have any glitches or hitches in what he wanted to call. Sherman Smith did a nice job communicating to the quarterback. We had very few technical problems from that standpoint.”

*On how involved he was in the play calling:

“I probably called six plays … give or take one or two. One of the issues was on the two minute drill and I said, ‘Hey, let’s run this.’ I told Sherman to call it out and we did that. I called some of the plays during timeouts when Jason would come back over. Toward the end of the game, I called a couple of plays, too. It wasn’t butting in. I wasn’t trying to make a statement that Sherm Lewis was doing a bad job. I felt like I had confidence in the play call. I say that a lot, I guess.”

— Ryan O’Halloran