The Washington Times - October 7, 2009, 04:29PM

Washington Redskins coach Jim Zorn spoke for the first time since Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato hired Sherm Lewis as an offensive consultant.

“It’s not something I was looking for initially,” Zorn said. “I wasn’t saying, ‘Hey Vinny, you need to go out and find a guy for me.’ When the suggestion was made, I was open to it. I want to make sure I don’t have so much pride in having all the answers that somebody can’t come in and see what I’m doing.”


Zorn said Lewis won’t be involved in coaching or game planning and will watch on Sundays from the coach’s booth.

“It may take a couple of weeks for him to get orientated and get focused in on what’s going on,” Zorn said. “We’re pleased that he’s here and we’re pleased he was willing to come.”

Lewis said he was slated to call a bingo game at a senior center near his home in Novi, Mich., last night when Cerrato called.

“I talked to Jim about it last night to let him know I’m here to help – that’s all I’m here for, and see what I can do,” Lewis said. “I wasn’t planning on coaching. I’m not looking for anybody’s job. I thought it would be a nice challenge and a good change for me and I thought I might be able to help.”

To a question as to being saddled with a consultant is the beginning of the end, Zorn said: “I would have no reaction to that.”

— Ryan O’Halloran