The Washington Times - October 8, 2009, 04:00PM

Things have gotten even crazier at Redskin Park with the Greg Blache-not-talking fiasco.

According to the Pro Football Writers Association, the NFL agreed to Blache not taking questions.


Blache will give a statement on Thursday and then secondary coach Jerry Gray will answer questions.

The Redskins are violating the spirit of the coordinator access rule so they won’t get fined.

As for Blache, coach Jim Zorn didn’t reveal much as to why Blache has stopped taking questions and ended his weekly appearances on Comcast and News 4.

“For Greg, he’s really needed a break,” Zorn said. “From his standpoint, we talked about it and I actually talked to the league about a break for him and they’ve agreed. I would put it as personal reasons. It is a needed break for him. That’s why I’ve allowed it.

“Jerry Gray will do an excellent job speaking the same language as Greg did. He will give you great information.”

Zorn was asked why Blache isn’t being held accountable even though he called himself the leader of the defense last week.

“But then he would have had to answer a bunch of questions,” Zorn said.

And with that, the PR staff had the subject turn to all things football.

What a circus.

Ryan O’Halloran