The Washington Times - November 16, 2011, 10:45AM

Well hello. Again.  It’s been a while.  Time flies when you’re having fun and it really flew, maybe because we’re having so much fun putting out a sports section again here at The Times.  I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot lately.  What’s the best way to utilize it?  You know how your Grandma has that small photo album in her purse that says, “Grandma’s Brag Book?”

Consider this the sports editor’s brag book.   I hope to regularly update this with highlights from our recent coverage.  Call me a proud SE - our writers are out there hustling and bringing you information from a variety of places.  Let me try to sum it all up in one place.


How ‘bout those Caps?  It is going to be an interesting season.  Are they the bunch that started 7-0 or the bunch we’ve seen the past couple of weeks?  Stephen Whyno was in Nashville for Wednesday night’s gut-punch defeat and filed this account.

Make sure you check back later today.   Stephen has a piece on Alex Ovechkin - has the league figured him out?  It is well done and interesting reading.  It will be up shortly and in tomorrow’s print edition as well.

Rich Campbell, or Professor Rich, continues to grade the Redskins.  Quite a chore the way that team has been playing.  Rich started doing this online only.  It proved so popular we’ve started running one side of the ball in print each week, and both on the web.  Check it out and comment - let Rich know if you agree or disagree.

Nationals writer Amanda Comak recently spent time in Arizona and she continues to produce quality pieces on some of the team’s prospects.  Check out today’s story on Rafael Martin.  While you’re on the baseball page, go back and read some of Amanda’s work on the Wilson Ramos kidnapping story.  She had it covered from every angle - and thank goodness Ramos was rescued and unharmed.

Patrick Stevens and columnist Deron Snyder have a look at Maryland’s financial mess that is leading to the elimination of a variety of sports.   Patrick caught up with some former track standouts and Deron offers his opinion on the situation.  This is a story we will continue to follow.   Non-revenue sports often get lost in the shuffle but they are hardly “minor” to those who participate.

Patrick also has a look at Navy football as it tries to turn around its season.

Finally, I want to go back to Saturday and repost Nathan Fenno’s outstanding piece on the scene outside the stadium as Penn State prepared to play Nebraska.  Interesting stuff to say the least - the story drew a lot of attention nationwide.   Nathan will have more on Penn State and Jerry Sandusky in the coming days and weeks.

Hard to believe we’ve been back almost eight months already.  We hope you’re enjoying what we have to offer.  Use the comment section and let us know what you like and what you don’t like (but be gentle) about our coverage.  We don’t claim to have it all figured out yet and your input is important.