The Washington Times - August 12, 2008, 12:54PM

One of the more replayed shots of the Beijing Games has been that of Kobe Bryant swamped in Beatles-esque fashion by Chinese fans during an appearance at the basketball arena. And new data from the NBA shows that he has the top-selling jersey in China for the second year in a row.

The Celtics’ Kevin Garnett moved to 2nd, up from 7th during the 2006-2007 season. Paul Pierce ranked 4th, after not even making the top 10 the previous year. The Rocket’s Tracy McGrady ranked third and the Nuggets Allen Iverson was 5th. The Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas moved to 6th, up from 10th. The Spurs’ Tim Duncan and the Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony fell off the list.


Surprisingly, the Rockets’ Yao Ming moved from 6th to 10th on the list, perhaps an indication that the market is saturated with Yao jerseys already. But NBA spokesman Rick Pendrick said it shows that Chinese fans are a “pretty knowledgeable and sophisticated fan base” that follows the games biggest stars.

The list of the top ten jerseys in China, based on sales at 1,000 Adidas stores there:

1. Kobe Bryant

2. Kevin Garnett

3. Tracy McGrady

4. Paul Pierce

5. Allen Iverson

6. Gilbert Arenas

7. LeBron James

8. Dwyane Wade

9. Dwight Howard

10. Yao Ming